Avocado Rolls: A new Japanese food?

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Avocado rolls: A new Japanese food?

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Every time I come to America, I go out to eat food because I miss it. Whenever people are in a foreign , eating their own food once in a while can helps relieve because it is something familiar. Sometimes eating Japanese food makes me I am back in Japan in a way.

Something that came as a to me is that in the U.S. every Japanese seems to serve avocado rolls or avocado-something with meals. In my , avocado is not thought of as a Japanese food, and it is not in Japanese restaurants.

However, avocado rolls—the new Japanese food which is found only here in America—are very tasty. I think it's on the menu here in the U.S. to satisfy American cultural .

It's interesting. Something that might be considered "cultural " of food can also lead to a tasty new type of food such as rolls. It is a kind of cultural innovation.