Resources for learning English

CEPA GERNIKA-LUMO HHI - Resources for learning English

English sounds

English sounds. Pronunciation

Languageguide.org: The English Alphabet

Move the cursor to hear the letter´s name.

Agendaweb.org: Alphabet

Exercises to practice the letters of the English alphabet.

Agendaweb.org: English phonetic symbols

Exercises to become familiar with phonetic symbols

BBC Learning English. Pronunciation tips

Wonferful webpage to practice the pronuntiation of the English sounds.

English Online France: ESL Pronunciation exercises

English pronunciation exercises for English students based on a discovery learning approach.


Practice the pronunciation of English vowels and consonants.

Sherton English

English Pronunciation Guide (in Spanish)

UgoEigo.com: ESL Phonics Video Podcast

UGoEigo offers two video podcast series to help you learn English pronunciation: “English Sounds” and “Functional Phrases”. Each lesson shows a close-up of the mouth saying the target sounds and words. Watch the video and say the words.


A free online Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation

Sounds of English

Exercises and activities about English sounds and stress.


A graded collection of free online dictations for english language students and for English literacy studies. Each dictation is read four times – once for gist, twice while you write, and once more for you to check what you have written.

Forvo: All the words in the world. Pronounced

Forvo is the greatest pronunciation guide in the world. Over 2 millions words in more than 300 languages !!!